Leather Care


  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry
  • Spot Clean only - if necessary.   Wipe over area with a soft, clean, damp cloth.
  • Leather being a natural product softens and stretches with heat/warmth. Sometimes even lightly rubbing over a marked area with clean fingertips, is enough to remove a slight mark
  • Whilst durable, leather is also delicate – please avoid rough surfaces or textures near your leather piece.
  • These products are made from natural fibres and as a result will age gracefully with you (which is a great thing!).  ‘Wear and tear’ is to be eventually expected, and is a loveable quality of cow-hide making it our material of choice.

If you do require further assistance with Leather Care, please do not hesitate to email us – info@myindah.com

Please note that due to Leather being a natural substance, it does occasionally contain blemishes.  Different parts of the hide used can appear slightly different between any 2 products made.  While we do our best to ensure the best quality and pieces of leather are used in our products, please note this is not always avoidable.